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The story goes that, a long time ago, twelve amateur artists and their would-be tutor squeezed into a classroom in South Bridge Primary School, in response to an advert offering ‘Painting’ tuition. In order to house and finance such a venture, a class had to contain a minimum of fifteen students. Joe Maxwell RSW, our founder, therefore registered his mother, sister, and a distant cousin. Later, the group soon numbered twenty, and the continual absence of family no longer mattered.

It was a group of this class, with Joe, that in 1957 formed the Holyrood Art Club, and the rest they say, is history. Soon the group moved into more suitable premises in Riddles Court, our Constitution and Rules were developed, and office bearers appointed. The Club format of ongoing tuition, high standards of presentation & framing, regular lectures & demonstrations, outdoor painting trips, and an Annual Exhibition all stem from these early days. 

Today, more than 60 years on, apart from our increasing use of technology, the Club format has changed little.

current council members



Stella Thomson

Lorna Davidson.jpg

Newsletter Editor

Lorna Davidson

John Ellis.jpg

Council Member

John Ellis


Catering Organiser

Neil Gray

Ruth Hargreaves.jpg


Ruth Hargreaves


Syllabus Secretary

Roger Emmerson

Andrew Cronshaw.png

Council Member

Andrew Cronshaw

Ann Royden.jpg

Newsletter IT Co-ordinator

Ann Royden

Alex Spence.jpg


Alex Spence

Donald Gollan HAC.jpg

Exhibition Secretary

Donald Gollan

Anne Sibbald.jpg

Council Member

Anne Sibbald


Librarian / Embroiderer

Beryl Poole

Lis Ireland.jpg

Membership Secretary

Lis Ireland


Outings Organiser

Hilary Brown


Webmaster / Equipment Organiser - Bill Aspin




painting credits :

Lorna davidson
anne brown
frances martin

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